Disability Insurance Tips and Information

Your earning potential is a far more valuable asset than your automobile or your home. This means how much you can earn far outweighs how much you already have. Disability insurance is designed to protect you from the possible loss of income. So why should you consider Disability Insurance? Disability Insurance is the only way to ensure the provision of guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

Although most people believe that they won’t get injured and therefore don’t need disability insurance, statistics show otherwise. The chances of injury is higher than you would imagine:

Chances of becoming disabled for 3 months or longer before age 65*

* Derived from 1985 Commissioners Individual Disability Table A. This table is very outdated, it would be more resourceful for viewers to see a table within the 21st century, possibly between 2010 – 2016 *

Why you should consider personal disability insurance:

  • Worker’s compensation only covers work related accidents
  • Unemployment insurance only covers 15 weeks
  • Group and association coverage can fill a valuable role in long-term disability protection. However, the benefit may be limited by the definition of disability and coverage amount.

Remember, a custom designed disability plan for an individual will provide you with guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums!