Critical Illness Insurance Tips and Information

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians – single parents, families, independent business owners, contract workers without benefits – suffer from serious illnesses each year. Thanks to the advance of modern medicine and technology, many of these people will survive their illnesses and go on to lead a long successful life. Regardless of these illnesses, recovery can be expensive and is a long and grueling process.

Critical illness coverage can help survivors manage the costs associated with recovery by providing a valuable lump-sum payment. This money, which can be used for any post-illness expense, helps critical illness survivors deal with the financial demands of recovery.

This money can be used in many ways, including but are no limited to:

  • Replace lost income
  • Keep a business going during your crucial recovery period 
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Reduce debt incurred during your illness
  • Renovate your home or relocate
  • Protect savings and assets from being spent on recovery
  • Help maintain your family’s lifestyle
  • Make a dream come true